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Timp Dental Teething Tips

While it can be exciting when your baby starts cutting teeth, it can also be a time of sleepless nights and grumpy days. Here are some teething tips to help you and your little one get through this stage of growth. Every child is different and may show signs of teething starting as young as three months. Some children may not cut teeth until a year old, but these teething tips can help at any age.

Signs of Teething

First of all, what are the signs of teething? You may notice your baby is drooling more than usual, has swollen gums, or even a low fever. When your baby is uncomfortable, their demeanor may change and they may be more fussy or irritable than usual. Teething babies may have sudden changes in sleep patterns, and you may see an increase in your baby gumming on things.

How to Soothe a Teething Baby

There are natural and medicinal methods for soothing a teething baby. Be sure to consult with your physician before administering any treatment to your little one.

Natural Teething Remedies

One of the simplest ways to help alleviate teething pain is to rub your baby’s gums with your clean finger. Massage can help reduce your baby’s discomfort.

Other natural teething remedies include rubbing peeled ginger root (an anti-inflammatory) or a cold, frozen washcloth on the baby’s gums. Letting your baby gnaw on a frozen or rubber teething toy or a clean, soft-bristled toothbrush can also help them work through the pain of growing new teeth. It is no longer recommended that topical gels be used for numbing relief, but natural ingredients such as chamomile, lemon, or vanilla are good substitutes that can calm and lubricate the gums.  

If your baby is old enough to munch on foods, try a frozen waffle! The bumpy surface provides relief, and as it thaws it is a little snack. Homemade popsicles are also great for soothing baby’s gums as they can help numb the mouth and distract them from discomfort. Teething biscuits are also a great option to help baby handle new teeth by allowing them to gnaw on a crunchy, hard snack.

Medicine for Teething Babies

With the guidance of your doctor, you can administer medicine to teething babies. Products such as ibuprofen can reduce swelling and pain, while acetaminophen aims at reducing pain only. Typically, babies under six months of age should not be given ibuprofen, so always consults your pediatrician if you have questions about dosage.


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