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How Oral Health Affects Overall Health

We believe it’s never too early to start teaching children about good oral health. Practicing oral hygiene from a young age promotes overall good health. Dental disease can impact future health, which is why at Timp Pediatric Dentistry we take it seriously. We’ve shared a number of tips for promoting good oral habits, and here’s why we think it’s important.

Healthy Teeth for a Healthy Diet

Have you thought about how having healthy teeth can actually encourage a healthy diet? We tend to focus on how to make food choices that lead to strong teeth and, while that’s important, there’s a flip side to that as well. 

When we take care to brush and floss our teeth and our children’s teeth routinely, we’re doing what we can to provide ourselves and our children with tools to chew. Think about it- if teeth are neglected they may be more prone to infection, breakage, or loss. Without strong, healthy teeth, our diet may become limited. Taking care of our family’s teeth can keep dietary options open, making it easier to keep our bodies fueled for fun.

Healthy Teeth for Healthy Self-Esteem

Being self-conscious of one’s smile, or lack thereof can have a negative effect on long-term self-esteem. Not feeling confident to talk, smile, and interact with others can prevent your child from growing socially. We want your child to be the very best, from their teeth down to their toes. That’s why we offer services from cleaning to orthodontia; we want to lay the groundwork for your child to have a dazzling smile to match their personality. Our trained kid’s dentists, hygienists, and staff do their best to make your visit to the dentist a positive experience so your children can feel comfortable and at ease – not just in our office, but in school and extra-curricular activities as well.

Healthy Teeth for a Healthy Budget

It may come as no surprise that preventative pediatric dental care is typically less expensive than corrective dental care. The cost of a toothbrush and floss is pennies compared to a root canal! Many insurance plans allow for annual dental cleanings with no out-of-pocket cost to you. Those cleanings and exams can be key to catching any concerns early on and addressing them before they get more expensive. In addition to saving money on dental care by practicing good habits daily, your child can avoid uncomfortable procedures and recovery time. 

If you live in Timpanogos or any of the surrounding cities in Utah County, please feel free to give us a call today. As a parent, it’s important that you have a pediatric dentist you know you can trust. Our staff will help give you informative answers, make your children feel comfortable in the dentist’s chair, and will strive to provide you with high-quality dental services and care.


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