Your Guide to When Baby Teeth Come In

Every baby is on their own schedule, but as parents, we tend to compare how our children are developing against other children. In most cases, your child will develop at a normal pace, within what is considered to be a normal timeframe. Baby teeth tend to come through around the same time for most children, but if you’re worried about whether or not they are coming in on time, here is a guide to help put your mind at ease.

Guide to baby teeth


6-10 months: The first teeth to come in are usually the front bottom teeth!


8-12 months: The next teeth to come in are the top front teeth.


9-13 months: Usually, the upper lateral incisors will come in right next to the front teeth.


10-16 months: Next, the lower lateral incisors come in! Sometimes, these teeth can switch which ones come in first, and it isn’t anything to worry about it if the bottom ones come in first, but usually the first ones make an appearance first.


13-19 months: Sometime after your child’s first birthday you can expect to see the first molars appear! These first ones are usually the upper molars.


14-18 months: Next to come in are the lower molars.


16-22 months: After the first molars come in, you’ll see the upper canines come in. A lot of new parents are surprised by this, because there will be a gap in their mouth between the front incisors and the molars, but this is perfectly normal!


17-23 months: This is when the lower canine teeth will come in.


23-31 months: Sometime after your child turns two, their second pair of bottom molars will start to come in. These are often referred to as the “two year molars”, but they may not make an appearance until closer to your child’s third birthday!


25-33 months: The upper second molars will be the last teeth to come in! Hooray, your child has a full set of teeth and you are officially out of the teething stage of childhood.


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