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Why to Go to a Dentist for Whiter Teeth

As you probably know, having a whiter smile can do a lot for your confidence. Although it may seem like a good idea to simply use a home whitening kit to remove the stains from your teeth, you’re probably wasting your time and money. Here are five reasons why you should have your teeth whitened by a dentist instead. 

Safest Form of Whitening

The ADA has declared that professional whitening is the safest form of tooth bleaching. Some home whitening kits are not even approved by the ADA and are therefore not guaranteed to be safe or successful. Also, although there are directions on tooth whitening kits, there is no guarantee that they will be followed properly. It’s best to have whitening chemicals administered by a professional to ensure safe application and that there will be no future issues caused by the whitening.

Immediate, Long-Lasting Results

Some home whitening kits claim to be able to whiten your teeth in as little as three days, and though you may see slight results in that time, it isn’t the same as the fresh, deep whitening you will see immediately after one professional treatment. In fact, for most people, home whitening kits take anywhere from 2-4 weeks for you to see a real difference. Once the professional treatment is performed, you can expect the results to last anywhere from six months to two years, depending on your food and drink habits.

Whiter Teeth than Ever

Dentists have access to stronger whitening agents than over-the-counter whitening systems. Likewise, your dentist is trained to administer just the right amount of the whitener for each set of teeth, so you can expect to get the whitest teeth possible from your visit. When compared with teeth whitened by a home kit, dentist-whitened teeth are always whiter.

Tackles Deep Stains

For really deep stains, like those caused by coffee, nicotine, or aging, home whitening kits simply will not cut it. Professional whitening treatments are meant to handle exactly these types of stains. They tackle the worst stains and offer protection from future blemish.

More Comfortable

Whitening products are known for causing tooth and gum sensitivity. Having your teeth whitened in a dentist’s office is a much more comfortable experience because you can talk to your dentist about your specific needs. If you have sensitive teeth, he will know how to administer the agent so that it is comfortable and does not cause you any pain.

If you are interested in taking the best and safest route for teeth whitening, call us today to set up an appointment for our teeth whitening services.


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