When Is It Time for Orthodontic Care?

Young girl with braces, following proper Utah pediatric dentistry guidelines.

Once your child’s 11th and 12th birthdays start to roll around, you’ll certainly recognize a number of changes. Along with changes in social behaviors and more pleas for independence, you’ll notice a mouth full of new adult teeth. Once the last baby tooth is lost, your child’s set of pearly whites is theirs for the rest of their lives. But you as well as they may notice that their teeth didn’t exactly grow in as nicely as they could have. Of course, orthodontic care is the cure for a crooked smile, but when is the appropriate time to seek out an orthodontist? Here is some advice from your friendly Utah pediatric dentists.

The Long and the Short Answers

It’s no secret that orthodontic care can straighten teeth and allow for a more confident smile. Straight teeth look great. But aside from aesthetics, orthodontic care can aid in overall health. If you notice your child encountering any of the problems below, it may be time to seek orthodontic care.

  • Abnormal wear. At times, when new teeth grow in, there can be overcrowding which creates more contact surfaces. Not only does this trap more bacteria, but can create more opportunities for wear. 
  • Motion Mechanics. Better jaw alignment can be achieved with orthodontics. If your child is experiencing an underbite or overbite, this can lead to strain, and ultimately cause problems with the entire mouth.
  • Speech difficulties. If teeth are overcrowded or are otherwise abnormally positioned, it can affect speech. Common examples are lisps or excessive salivation when talking.
  • Self-confidence struggles. Perhaps the most significant issue accompanying an unruly bite is the toll it can take on a child’s self-confidence. 

When it comes to orthodontic care, your Utah pediatric dentist is always a great resource to consult for further clarification and information. But given what has been mentioned, a generally respectable short-answer as to when is it best to seek out an orthodontist is: as soon as possible. A crooked smile can cause problems and damage teeth as well as a child’s self-confidence. Once all 32 adult teeth are in place contact your Utah pediatric dentist to discuss next steps.

Come In for an Evaluation

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