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What Filling Material Is Best for Your Child?

When it comes to baby teeth, parents often ask us if a filling is really necessary. After all, if it’s not a permanent tooth, is there really a need to worry? Although fillings are not always the route your dentistry team might deem best, it’s still something that we can do to ensure a healthier smile in childhood. It’s simply a way to restore the health of a tooth and remove a cavity or decay issue within the mouth. So, if you’re child is experiencing a cavity in a baby or permanent tooth, here’s what you need to know about the materials we use and why we use them.

What is a Dental Filling Made Of?

Dental fillings, often referred to as composite fillings, are mostly made from silica, quartz, and ceramic materials. These materials are known to be durable, allowing the filling to last until your child’s permanent tooth comes in. A composite filling is also the color of the tooth, giving the filling a natural look and feel. Your child won’t even notice it’s there!

Because every child chews and teeth grinding is something we take into consideration, any composite material needs to be able to withstand a normal amount of pressure. That’s why we’ll always use materials that are resistant to fracturing. Some even release a fluoride to help prevent further tooth decay. Although gold and silver materials are still used to fill teeth, they’re less commonly seen as most patients and their parents appreciate the natural color that a composite gives.

Why does my child need dental fillings?

What Material Works Best?

We’ll consider several factors at Timpanogos Pediatric Dentistry before choosing the best material for your child’s fillings. Not only do we feel the cavity’s location, but also the size, the child’s age, physical activities, and general dental history.

Is Getting a Filling Painful?

Not at all! Our team is incredibly experienced in these procedures and always makes sure to keep every child comfortable and happy. Using topical and local anesthesia, our dental team ensures that their mouth is entirely numb before the procedure is performed.

But what if your child does begin to feel discomfort, it will be after the procedure is finished. After all, even a quick dental cleaning can lead to a bit of discomfort in sensitive mouths. We recommend using the appropriate dosage of the child’s brand ibuprofen or acetaminophen following the filling. If your child is feeling pain after taking a painkiller, please call our offices. We’ll want to look at the placement of the filling and the rest of their mouth to ensure nothing has gone wrong.

How Can I Prevent My Child Needing a Filling?

When it comes to preventing the need for a filling, it all comes down to prevention. Decreasing the risk of your child’s tooth decay and other oral diseases can mean keeping them from dental pain. What are the keys to tooth decay prevention?

  • Brush twice a day
  • Use fluoridated toothpaste
  • Floss gently and daily
  • Limit sugar sweets and snacking
  • Eat a balanced diet with leafy greens
  • Schedule a dental visit bi-annually

What are the Benefits of Getting a Cavity Filled?

Just like the above list is a form of tooth decay prevention, so is a filling. When it comes to a happy and healthy smile, a filling can be a pathway to better oral health. But what’s the ultimate benefit of having a tooth filled? Well, we actively remove the decay and damage that’s within the tooth and fill the space where that decay previously was. This leaves your child’s mouth healthier and without the pain that a decaying tooth can bring.

Cavities in general can lead to discomfort, and even cause issues with eating and speech. Not only does fixing a cavity provide a healthier mouth, but it helps reiterate the importance of proper dental and oral hygiene habits.

Make Your Appointment Today!

If your child is dealing with tooth pain or you’re noticing signs of dental decay, it’s time to bring them in for a check-up! Call our office today or request an appointment online. We’re ready to help your child gain a confident smile and learn how to keep up with their dental hygiene from childhood to young adulthood.


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