Tooth Friendly Books to Share With Your Kids

Communicating the importance of oral health to your children can be a difficult task to undertake. It’s important, as they get older, to explain why it is that we do certain things, such as brushing our teeth and eating healthy foods. Taking care of our bodies is important, and we have a few favorite tooth centric books for you to read with your kids to help them better understand why they need to take care of their mouths!


Sugar Bugs


If you’re looking for a way to explain the effect that sugar has on your teeth, this book is the way to do it! Showing your kids what can happen if they fail to take care of their teeth is a good motivator to get them to actually brush and be invested in their oral health.


Brush Your Teeth, Please


This cute book teaches the importance of brushing your teeth through beautiful animal pop ups. It’s like having their favorite characters teaching them lessons, but it’s their favorite animals illustrating the importance of flossing.


What to Expect When You Go To The Dentist


This is a super good book to get for your child before their first dental visit! We understand that a lot of children experience anxiety surrounding their first dentist visit, and even about subsequent dental visits, so this books goal is to ease some of that anxiety and explaining the process of what will happen when they go to the dentist.


Brush, Brush, Brush!


This is the perfect book for a toddler. It has simple wording and beautiful pictures, to help your child understand how and why they should brush their teeth! You can also sing the words of the book along to the tune of “do your ears hang low?”. Singing is a powerful way to teach your children, so you can take advantage of this as well!


The Tooth Book


If your kids are a bit older, between the ages of 6 and 10, The Tooth Book: A Guide To Healthy Teeth and Gums, is a great book to grab for your child! They already know that they’re supposed to brush their teeth, they’ve been doing it for years. But they still need to be reminded of the importance of what they’re doing when they brush their teeth twice a day.


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