Tips for Alleviating Dental Anxiety in Kids

Your Child’s Anxiety is Not Uncommon

A photo of a child at the dentist, covering her eyes with nervousness as gloved hands approach.

Fears and phobias are two markedly different things. A phobia is a much stronger form of fear that is linked to anxiety disorders and can cause extreme distress and avoidance. Believe it or not, there is a legitimate phobia surrounding visits to the dentist and it is known as dentophobia. 

Dentophobia is not as uncommon as one might think. According to Healthline, an estimated 2.7 percent of men and 4.6 percent of women suffer from the condition. Children are among the most affected by dentophobia. 

Regardless of whether your child experiences fear when approaching the dental chair or has an actual phobia, it is important to know how to help alleviate some of their anxiety. If done correctly, the problem usually won’t persist for too long. Here are some basic tips from your Utah pediatric dentist at Timp Dental.

What Can Be Done?

Plan your visit for a less busy part of the day.

Nothing adds more to anxiety than chaos and commotion. When you bring your child in for a visit, try scheduling a time in the mid-morning or early afternoon— between 10:00-11:30 and 2:00-400. During these hours, you are less likely to encounter a full-house.

Bring headphones.

Music is not only a good way to calm your child’s nerves on the chair, but in the lobby as well. Plan ahead and choose some songs that will relax and bring fears down to a minimum.

Have your child take a few deep breaths.

Simple meditation techniques can be very effective. Talk to your child in a calm, confident tone and encourage them to take a deep breath when they begin to feel anxious.

Proper education can make a big difference.

This is largely the responsibility of your Utah pediatric dentist. The more your child is educated and comforted by their dental specialists the more they may come to realize that there is no reason to fear. Education is always an effective antidote.

Find a trusted pediatric dentist and stick with them.

If your child can find trust with their pediatric dentist then half the battle is won. The safer your child feels in their dentist’s care, the less anxiety they will experience before and during each visit.

Quality Pediatric Dentistry In Utah

At Timp Dental we are aware of the fears and phobias that children experience; we encounter them on almost a daily basis. You can always trust us to provide the most conscious and expert pediatric dentistry around. 

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