The Basics of Good Dental Hygiene Habits

There are so many aspects of being a parent that is stressful, and feels like it’s outside of your control. Parenting overall is overwhelming, and the best way to handle stressful things like making sure your child develops good dental habits, is to break it down into simple steps. Preventing cavities and keeping their teeth clean are daunting, but surprisingly simple tasks.

Brushing teeth twice a day


It can be a struggle just to get your child to brush their teeth. Trust us, we know. Brushing their teeth twice a day is going to be the best way to make sure that they stay cavity free. If your child struggles to brush their teeth, bring them with you to the store to pick out a toothbrush and toothpaste they are excited about. Brush your teeth together twice a day. Maybe play their favorite song while they brush. Make it fun. The routine is just as important as the cleaning.


Flossing once a day


Getting your child to floss is often more difficult than getting them to brush. However, a great way to ease them into it is by using little flossers in a fun flavor and color! It’s easier for them to hold and do themselves, which will help immensely.


Two dentist check ups per year


As soon as your child pops their first tooth, you should be bringing them into their dentist for two check ups and professional cleanings a year. This is important for prevention, as well as cleanliness and helping them establish and maintain a routine.


Be a role model


Your child will absorb what you do, so model good dental hygiene for them! Brush teeth together, bring them with you when you go to the dentist, show them how you floss, and keep an open dialogue with them about dental hygiene.


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