Dental sedationHere at Timpanogos Dental, we want to ensure that your child is comfortable during their visit. We make great efforts to ensure we are a friendly and safe environment, and love being able to treat your children! Sometimes, there are aspects of dentistry that can be a little uncomfortable, no matter the age of the patient. In those situations, sedation is a useful tool we can utilize. We are careful to ensure that we only use methods of sedation that are safe and comfortable for your child.

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous oxide is the most common type of sedation you’ll see in any dentist office, also known as laughing gas. This will allow your child to relax during their procedure, while not having long lasting effects, as it wears off shortly after administration. Nitrous oxide is mixed with oxygen and administered through a mask over the patient’s mouth. It’s an inexpensive and easy sedation option!

In-Office IV Sedation

We can also offer a sedation solution through an IV. Through the IV, we are able to carefully control the levels of medication being given to the patient, giving us the flexibility to immediately change how “under” the patient is during a procedure. We reserve this sort of sedation for particularly long treatments, such as a root canal.

Operating Room Anesthesia

Depending on the procedure needed, we do have operating room anesthesia available to completely put the patient under, if necessary. While using this anesthesia, they will not be conscious for the operation, and therefore unable to feel or remember the procedure. We only use this type of anesthesia with the explicit permission of the parents, and we reserve it for the procedures that are long and would be most likely to cause extreme discomfort or dental anxiety in your child.

If you have any questions at all about the forms of sedation available in our office, please don’t hesitate to call. The health and comfort of your child is our primary goal.

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