Root Canals

Girl with root canalIf your child has been complaining about bad tooth pain they may have a root canal. A root canal comes from underneath your tooth called the pulp, this part of the tooth contains blood vessels, connective tissues and ultimately helps your tooth grow. A root canal will remove the bacteria and sterilize the area it was in to prevent further pain. 

Symptoms of Root Canals

Extreme sensitivity to chewing, hot and cold foods and swollen and tender gums around the affected tooth are all potential symptoms of needing a root canal. Other things to look for are a chipped or cracked tooth, and small pimples on the gums themselves could be symptoms that your child may need to be seen. 

Why Fix a Child’s Root Canal

By saving the tooth early, it will ensure that your child doesn’t lose that tooth permanently. If you’re wondering why to save a tooth that will eventually fall out on its own, it’s because that by removing the tooth too early can affect chewing, speech development, and eventually the alignment of the final teeth. By removing a tooth too early, it creates a premature gap that allows for the teeth to move and shift into positions that could cause pain, discomfort, and permanent spacing issues in the future.

How is a Root Canal Fixed

The patient is placed under a local anesthetic meaning only the tooth that needs to be fixed and a small area surrounding it is numbed. Once numbed, a very small drill will be used to create a tiny opening on the tooth to be able to access the pulp, affected area of the tooth. Dr. Jensen will then be able to carefully extract the affected pulp tissue. Natural rubber-like material will then take place of the previous pulp after the tooth has been disinfected and sterilized. Placing an additional sealant or crown on top of the tooth will help from preventing future decay on the tooth.

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If you’re wondering if your child’s toothache is in need of a root canal or a different form of action, give us a call. At Timpanogos Pediatric Dentistry we ensure your child is comfortable through the process and we would be happy to assess the tooth in pain and determine the best way to eliminate the pain. 

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