Pediatric Dental X-Rays

Pediatric dental x-rayPediatric dental x-rays are noninvasive but can go a long way in helping a dentist identify a problem. The experts at Timp Dentistry in Utah County share more about this dental procedure below.

Do Kids Need Dental X-Rays?

After a very thorough dental exam, the dentist may decide a pediatric x-ray is necessary. In the event the dental assistant or dentist sees signs of cavities, crowding, decay or poor oral health, an x-ray can be beneficial for gathering additional information and proceeding with proper treatment. With a pediatric x-ray, your dentist can ensure that cavities do not go undetected, allowing for additional dental health issues to arise in the future.

How to Prepare Your Child for an X-Ray

If your child is in need of a dental x-ray, it can be helpful to prepare him or her beforehand. If this is their first time getting a pediatric x-ray, they may be a little nervous. Show them pictures of x-rays before their appointment and talk them through the procedure. Even acting it out at home can help everyone know what to expect during an x-ray. Let your child know x-rays aren’t painful in any way and there’s no poking involved. Being pediatric dentists in Utah County, we have a lot of experience working with children and will do our best to put your child at ease once you arrive at our office.

Common Pediatric X-Ray Procedure

Did you know x-rays are one of the oldest medical imaging procedures to date? If you’re wondering what to expect at a pediatric dental x-ray, we can help. When it’s your child’s turn for an x-ray, we want to make sure they’re comfortable and relaxed. It can be helpful to remove metal such as glasses or jewelry for the x-ray. Your child will most likely need to hold a bitewing or small box in their mouth, which is the piece of plastic that holds the x-ray film in place inside your child’s mouth. This will probably be the most uncomfortable part of the whole procedure, and it will only last a few moments. With current technology, we can see digital dental x-ray results quickly and help you make a decision regarding any recommended treatment.

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