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My Child’s Teeth Are Sensitive!

Why are My Child’s Teeth Sensitive?

Parents never want to see their children in pain, but tooth sensitivity is an inevitable part of your child’s teeth growing and changing. However, if you’re child is experiencing tooth sensitivity outside of the average growing pains, it could be pointing to a more serious issue. Here’s what might be causing sensitivity and several solutions to help your child feel more comfortable before their next dental visit.

Is it Untreated Cavities?

Cavities are no fun for anyone! So when your child complains about tooth sensitivity or mouth pain in a specific area, it could signify a cavity. Not sure how a cavity begins? Well, when the enamel begins to decay on the tooth, a cavity can begin to form. You might see a white spot on the tooth, but over time that spot will darken as the tooth decays. Decay will happen over time if left untreated, and the more time passes, the more sensitive a tooth can become when the nerve is left exposed.

Is My Child Getting Too Much Sugar?

Sugar in moderation is okay for most families! But if you’re dealing with excessive sugar consumption and not enough brushing, your little one might be dealing with tooth pain in the future. Excess sugar can break down tooth enamel and a buildup of bacteria in the mouth. So when consuming sugar, think less is more, and always remember to have your child brush their teeth right after devouring those tasty treats.

Are We Dealing with a Cracked or Chipped Tooth?

Like us parents, children grind, clench, and chomp their teeth in ways that can lead to small and major chips and fractures. Of course, chipping a tooth can lead to major pain, and you’ll likely be aware of when it happens. But, small cracks and chips can be something that even your child overlooks for some time. If you don’t spot a chip or crack, look for other indicators of pain, like difficulty chewing or grinding teeth to release discomfort.

It’s Time to Switch Products

Mild sensitivity isn’t too uncommon amongst sensitive mouths. Some toothpaste products are just too strong for our children. For instance, the “whitening” toothpaste you might use daily might be too much for our kids. Next time you’re picking up toothpaste, grab a tube meant for sensitive teeth, or at the very least, toothpaste that doesn’t contain hydrogen peroxide or other whitening agents. Try out a natural toothpaste with minimal ingredients if you’re unsure what is causing the sensitivity.

Still dealing with sensitive gums? Of course, our first suggestion is to visit Timpanogos Pediatrics in American Fork, but if you’re unable to make an appointment with us first thing, try switching out your child’s toothbrush for something with softer bristles. Soft bristles don’t necessarily mean an inferior clean, but they can mean gums are getting brushed without irritation.

To Fluoride or Not to Fluoride

We’ve heard the debate for and against fluoride, and we are always doing what’s best for your family! However, fluoride is shown to prevent tooth decay and help keep enamel strong. Strong enamel lessens the chance of chips in the teeth that can lead to major sensitivity and expensive treatments and fixes down the line.

Improving Dental Health

If you’re helping your child brush their teeth at least twice daily, you’re on the right track to proper dental hygiene. Many parents (and children) don’t realize that the same dental care routine we adults do daily is just as important for our little ones! Yes, that means not just brushing for two minutes twice a day, but also flossing, using mouthwash, and visiting the dentist at least annually. Staying consistent with a dental hygiene routine can go a long way in preventing tooth sensitivity and other issues. The main goal is to build those healthy cleaning habits from a young age! Building habits now means healthy teeth in the future!

It’s Time to Schedule a Visit

Whether your little one has complained about pain or you’ve noticed them eating cold or warm treats more “tenderly” than normal, don’t ignore the tooth sensitivity! Although the fix can be as simple as switching toothpaste, scheduling an appointment with the team at Timpanogos Dental can rule out anything more serious. We’ll help you pinpoint the issue that may be going on and keep your child on track for great dental hygiene.


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