Baby teething

Important Teething Milestones for Your Child

Most babies have their first tooth come in at around six months and children start to lose their baby teeth around age six, but these milestones can be earlier or later. Many parents wonder when they should expect certain events in their child’s dental life. Two of the biggest questions include when will the first tooth appear and when will my child lose his or her baby teeth? Here’s a look at the answers to both of those questions.

Initial Teething

The teething process usually starts at around 4-5 months.  Before the first tooth ever appears, your child will usually experience an excessive amount of drooling, gum swelling, and sensitivity.  Many children can become irritable or extra fussy during the teething process and some may refuse food or start biting. The teething period is also often accompanied by an upset stomach or slight fever.

First Tooth

The first tooth usually appears around 6 months (though some children grow their first tooth earlier and some remain toothless throughout their first year). The first two teeth to come in are typically the bottom two middle teeth, followed by the top two middle teeth.  

The Full Set of Baby Teeth

The teeth will continue to come for the next few years.  After the middle teeth arrive, the side teeth will begin to grow.  The final teeth to grow in are the second molars (which are in the very back of the mouth).  These teeth usually start to grow in around the second birthday, but it can take up to three years for your child to grow all 20 of their baby teeth.

Initial Tooth Loss

Your child will not begin to lose his or her teeth until the permanent teeth are ready to come in, around age six. As with baby teeth, the timeline can change according to the developmental rate of your child. If the baby teeth were slower to come in, the permanent teeth will usually also grow in at a slower rate. Some children have lost their first tooth as early as four, while others wait until they are around eight.

Permanent Teeth

The permanent teeth tend to grow in the same order as the baby teeth. It is usually the bottom middle teeth that fall out first, followed by the top middle teeth. Teeth will continue to loosen, fall out, and be replaced until around age twelve.


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