Healthy Ways to Help Your Teething Baby

There are few things that are worse than watching your child be in pain, and being unable to help them relieve this pain. Especially when your child is young enough that they’re not able to effectively communicate to you what is causing them pain. Usually, the first instance of this, is teething pain. It’s hard to watch your baby cry and be in pain. Here are a few healthy ways to help relieve some pain from your teething baby.



The pain associated with teething is often a feeling of uncomfortable heat in the gums. One great way to soothe this pain, is by counteracting this with something cold. Try a soft teether toy stuck in the freezer for a few hours, or freeze some hard fruits and vegetables to let them gnaw on, such as carrots or apples. You can also use a cold washcloth or a chilled(not frozen) spoon.


Hard foods


Having something hard to chew on can also relieve a lot of the pain. Aside from conventional teether toys, a great thing to hand to your baby is a hard food to chew on. You can use vegetables such as celery or carrot sticks, or baby friendly crackers.




Whether or not amber works for teething babies is up for debate. Some parents swear by ambers anti inflammatory properties, while others say it does nothing for their teething babies. The way amber is supposed to work, is that just by being in contact with their skin, it has an analgesic effect on swollen and sore gums.




If you’re wary of teething gels such as Orajel, then you may like Camilia as an alternative. Camilia doesn’t contain benzocaine, and is instead a homeopathic remedy. It contains chamomile, poke, and chinese rhubarb. It can be purchased in tablet or liquid form, and will naturally soothe your little one’s mouth. Always check with your child’s pediatrician before using any sort of over the counter remedy.

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