dental cleaningThe first decade of your child’s life comes with a high-risk for cavities so regular teeth cleanings will be extra important. Regular cleanings remove plaque from the teeth, prevent cavities, and identify any cavities that have already formed. By going without or missing a regular tooth cleaning, cavities can spread and worsen, causing more serious problems and pain for your little ones. Regular teeth cleanings are the best way to keep your child’s smile healthy and help prevent visits to the dentist for fillings. Tooth decay is the leading chronic disease among children six and older. Dental complications are highly preventable when keeping up with your regular six – month visits. 

At Timpanogos Pediatric Dentistry we believe that preventive dental care is essential for all of our patients.  We recommend that you schedule a routine visit for your children with us at least twice a year. If you are ready to schedule a dental examination and teeth cleaning, contact us and we would be more than happy to get your children on our schedule.

About Dental Cleanings

As children are learning to brush their teeth, it is easy to miss hard to reach areas in their mouths. This creates the perfect environment for debris, bacteria, plaque and even tartar to hide. The best way to help your children’s teeth stay clean and free of unnecessary plaque before your next visits are by:

  • Teach the importance of flossing
  • Brushing twice a day
  • Avoid excessive sweets that could stick to the enamel of your children’s teeth

When visiting our pediatric dental office we will perform routine cleanings complete with fluoride treatments and ensuring that your children’s teeth continue to grow strong. 

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If you haven’t visited a professional for routine dental care in at least 6 months, give us a call today. We will look at your child’s teeth and can give you a good starting point with different toothbrushes to purchase for your child, toothpaste and other things that can make oral health the best it can be for your little ones. Here at Timpanogos Dental, we would be more than happy to get your children on our schedule for some routine, professional care. Contact us today!

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