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kid with toothache in need of a pediatric dentist

The Dangers of a Tooth Infection

There’s not much worse than a toothache. The pain ranges from mild to excruciating and is difficult to ignore. Many people experience a stabbing sensation in their mouths around the suspect tooth. Any pain in your teeth should be addressed by a dentist. The causes of a toothache can be either due to a cavity

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Two kids eating ice cream before their pediatric dentist visit.

Does Sugar Really Rot Your Teeth?

It’s more than likely you grew up being told sugar will rot your teeth. If you think it’s something your parents said to you in order to get you to stop eating candy, we’re here to tell you it’s actually true. But how, exactly, does sugar affect our teeth? At Timp Dental, we try to

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Girl laughing and showing teeth.

Crazy Facts About Teeth

It isn’t any secret that our teeth do a lot more than help us chew food. Without them, even simple things are a lot more challenging. Teeth help us make facial expressions, form words, whistle, and a number of other things we don’t often think about. Our first set of teeth, 20 in number, are

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girl grinding teeth

Why Does My Child Grind Their Teeth?

Factors That Cause Teeth Grinding A little-known fact is that excessive teeth grinding is not just a common behavior, but a legitimate condition referred to medically as bruxism.  Bruxism may unconsciously manifest during the day or at night during sleep.  Though a common condition – especially among children – teeth grinding often occurs during sleep

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