Oral Health

5 Commons Causes of Bad Breath and How to Solve Them

Bad breath is gross, and there’s no way around that fact. However, there are solutions to bad breath. We’re not talking about the stinky morning breath after a good night’s rest. That is easily remedied by some breakfast and brushing your teeth first thing. Chronic bad breath is a whole different story, and something that

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4 Ways to Strengthen Your Child’s Enamel

One of the most important parts of your child’s dental hygiene, is ensuring that they have strong enamel. Their enamel is what protects their teeth from decay and disease. It can be damaged by acidic bacteria that your child’s mouth is introduced to. Protecting this enamel is so important to overall dental hygiene and mouth

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Dental Tips for New Parents

Becoming a parent is a whirlwind. One moment, it’s just the two of you. And then the next, there’s a baby thrown into the mix. Suddenly you’re not getting any sleep, you’re buying new baby clothes every two minutes as they either grow out of or soil everything you put onto them, and you’re having

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How to Pick the Right Toothpaste For Your Child

It may seem like a no brainer to make sure that your children brush their teeth every day, twice a day. However, tooth decay is the most common childhood disease. In fact, more than 16 million children suffer from tooth decay every year. With this staggeringly high number, you may want to spend a few

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Easy Ways to Get Your Kids to Brush Their Teeth

There are plenty of aspects of parenting that are difficult, and can be a struggle to implement in your child’s daily routine. From eating their vegetables, to brushing their teeth, you’ll run into plenty of resistance when trying to get your child to do things that are good for their health. When it comes to

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4 Reasons Your Child’s Gums Are Bleeding

It’s always a scary moment when your child comes to you, complaining of blood in their mouth. If you’ve ruled out the incident of injury, you may want to see if the source of pain and discomfort is coming from your child’s gums. There are a few different things that can cause your child’s gums

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Tooth Healthy Fruits to Feed Your Child

When you’re on the go, it’s tempting you give your child a prepackaged snack, like crackers, a granola bar, or fruit snacks. These things are all convenient, and they definitely do the job in a pinch. But they’re really not very good for your child’s teeth. After consuming something that contains sugar, your child should

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Child at dentist

Better Dental Visits with Kids

We love seeing our young patients! However, we know that sometimes, the dentist’s office can be new and alarming to young children. Most of the time, our feelings about the dentist are set early on in life. Whether or not your child is comfortable with the dentist can have a major impact on their oral

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How Oral Health Benefits the Body

We all know that we should floss and brush our teeth regularly. An attractive smile, avoiding tooth aches, and preventing bad breath are just a few of the reasons to take good care of our mouths. But how does oral hygiene affect our health as a whole? Here are a few reasons why taking care

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