Your Child May Need A Sports Guard: Here’s Why

Summer is finally here, and the new season brings so many things. More sunshine, more time spent outside, and more sports. Although most sports are not necessarily summer sports, quite a few of them start during the summer, and more people are motivated to play new sports during the warm summer months. No matter the

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Child high-fiving dentist

Why Regular Dental Appointments Matter

When was your child’s last dental check-up? If you’re like most of us, you tend to procrastinate that particular chore. Sometimes, it’s due to some level of dental anxiety, but most of the time it’s simply yet another errand that we would prefer to push aside.

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Boy eating apple

5 Tips for a Tooth-Healthy Diet

You’ve probably heard that sugar isn’t good for your child’s teeth. However, there’s more to the story than that. Forensic evidence has found that tooth decay was actually relatively uncommon among ancient man. This is largely due to the diet. It wasn’t until the Victorian era, when our diets changed to refined starches and sugars,

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