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4 Fun Tooth Fairy Ideas

There are a lot of fun aspects of raising children. These fun aspects far outway the uncomfortable parts of parenting we don’t like. The joy that children feel, the magic that they are able to believe in, is incredible to witness. One fun way that a lot of parents have been able to promote this magic in childhood, is through the tooth fairy. The tooth fairy doesn’t have to just be about a dollar slipped under their pillow while they sleep! Here are a few fun tooth fairy ideas to try with your kids.

Tiny tooth fairy letters


Write miniature letters, in miniature envelopes, from the tooth fairy to slip under the pillow to accompany the payment for the tooth. You can just include a little note(written in miniature handwriting), but you can also go as far as sealing the letter with a wax stamp, and filling the envelope with fairy glitter.


Fairy glitter dollar bills


No matter what the going rate for a tooth is in your house(we still think $1 is good!), it makes it just a little more special to make that dollar really look like it’s from the tooth fairy. Place the dollar on a paper towel, and spray lightly with a spray adhesive, and then sprinkle some fine glitter over the dollar. Shake off the excess, let dry, and then repeat on the other side. This is such a fun way to let your child know they were visited by a fairy, without having to up the price of a tooth!


Tooth fairy pillow


Is your little one a light sleeper? Make or buy a little tooth fairy pillow to help you make the exchange without waking up your child. You can place the pillow on the bedside table, or even hang it from the door. You could even get a small throw pillow, and simply sew a pocket onto the front, if that is easier for you than making an entire tooth shaped pillow!


Tooth fairy pocket


Pillow not really your style? Make a pocket instead! You can make one out of a simple rectangle of felt fabric, and a few stitches, and then you’re done! Let your little one help you decorate it, and then place it on the bedside table or under their pillow. After they’re sleeping, you can replace the tooth with a dollar! This also helps you keep track of the tooth so you won’t lose it under their pillow.



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